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Your Town at work ...
Dave Smith - Street/Solid Waste Departments


Meet Dave Smith - Your Street lead-man

Dave Smith has been an employee with the Town of Friday Harbor for 12 years. In this time he has worked his way up to Street lead-man. This was not an easy task as the previous lead-man worked for the Town for 20 years. With a relatively small Street crew of 2 workers Dave finds it a challenge to keep the Town neat and tidy. . Street maintenance is a huge responsibility which includes daily street sweeping, sidewalk construction and repair, road building and repair, sign maintenance, mid-night cross walk marking, painting curbs, and flood control, just to name a few tasks performed by your street department.

Besides keeping up with the Town’s daily service needs, Dave also oversees the parks operations. With 12 years of experience Dave knows his town inside and out, under and over. In fact, Dave’s knowledge of the Town’s streets and storm drain system is invaluable. Dave prioritizes those pesky potholes and the ailing asphalt on the streets, which has earned him the title of "pot hole technician". You’re likely to see Dave and his crew busily cleaning the streets in the early hours preparing the Town for the 60,000 plus visitors we welcome annually. And when duty calls they will be out on those cold snowy days melting and plowing the snow, making the streets safe for passage or cutting out fallen trees on blustery days. Or you might simply see them giving the Town its annual makeover in the spring with a new paint job. Dave’s pride in his Town is only surpassed by his dedication to get the people their tax dollars worth. Dave brings with his hard earned position new and innovative approaches to making the streets of Friday Harbor aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. Dave has also been a volunteer fire fighter for District 3 for 10 years and if that’s not enough he also works as a supervisor for Kings market in the twilight hours. Friday Harbor can rest easy knowing their Town will be well groomed each and every day with Dave in charge.

Written by Mike Deegan, Water Department Leadman




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