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No. Table Page
2-1 Soil Characteristics 2-5
2-2 Precipitation (inches/month) 2-6
2-3 Stormwater System Inventory 2-11
2-4 Design Storm 24-Hour Precipitation Totals 2-12
4-1 Stormwater System Inventory 4-1
4-2 Drainage Basin No. 1 Stormwater System Inventory 4-3
4-3 Drainage Basin No. 2 Stormwater System Inventory 4-3
4-4 Drainage Basin No. 4 Stormwater System Inventory 4-5
4-5 Drainage Basin No. 5 Stormwater System Inventory 4-5
4-6 Drainage Basin No. 6 Stormwater System Inventory 4-6
4-7 Drainage Basin No. 7 Stormwater System Inventory 4-6
4-8 Runoff Parameters Existing Land Use (from Hydraulic Model 1997 Stormwater Management Plan) 4-13
4-9 Runoff Parameters Future Land Use (from Hydraulic Model 1997 Stormwater Management Plan 4-16
4-10 Drainage Basin No. 1 System Deficiencies 4-20
4-11 Drainage Basin No. 2 System Deficiencies 4-21
4-12 Drainage Basin No. 4 System Deficiencies 4-23
4-13 Drainage Basin No. 6 System Deficiencies 4-24
4-14 Drainage Basin No. 7 System Deficiencies 4-25
5-1 Water Quality Criteria for Class AA Marine Waters (WAC 173-201-030(2)) 5-8
5-2 General Impact of Nonpoint Sources on Friday Harbor 5-9
6-1 Recommended Stormwater Improvement Projects Estimated Project Costs 6-9
6-2 Maintenance Activities 6-10
6-3 Stormwater Facility Maintenance Activities 6-11
7-1 Capital Improvement Plan Financing 7-5
7-2 Preliminary Rate Analysis 7-9




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