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Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Update

The Town of Friday Harbor Shoreline Master Program Update Process

This process will take approximately 3 years to complete.

As the process progresses there will be regular meetings with the Town Planning Commission. These meeting will be advertised and the public is encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions. The information being discussed at the meeting will be available via the Town Website (see above) or by contacting the Town at 360-378-2810, ext. 241, in advance of the announced meeting date.

The basic steps in the process will be as follows;

  1. The Town will compile a shoreline inventory and will use that inventory to prepare a shoreline analysis. Once the draft documents are assembled they will be disseminated to the public and a public meeting will be held for discussion. The Town is interested in getting as much information as possible from all individuals and organizations with knowledge of or interest in the waterfront.

  2. The existing shoreline policies and regulations will be compared to the shoreline inventory and characterization. Where discrepancies exist between the shoreline condition and the policies/regulations that are intended to govern, revised policies and regulations will be drafted. Again, once the draft documents are assembled they will be disseminated and a public meeting will be held to collect input.

  3. The Town will then prepare a cumulative impacts analysis and recovery plan. These documents and any proposed changes to the policies and regulations arising from them will be disseminated and another public meeting will be scheduled.

  4. At the end of this process the draft revised Shoreline Master Program will be presented to the Planning Commission for public hearings and then to the Town Council for public hearings and recommendation for the Town Council.

This is a brief overview of a rather long and complex process. Please see the Public Participation Plan for details and opportunities to participate.  Thank you

You can contact us at:  Town of Friday Harbor, 60 Second ST, PO Box 219, Friday Harbor, WA 98250  360-378-2810

Many of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. In order to view or print these files, you first need to have Adobe's Acrobat Reader(c) installed on your computer. This software is available free from Adobe.

Note:  these are large files.  please be patient.


Draft Shoreline Master Program 2014      
Draft Jurisdiction And Environments Map - 11/28/11      
Watershed Jurisdiction Map - 11/30/12      
Draft Cumulative Impacts Analysis - 01/16/13      
Draft Restoration and Protection Plan  - 01/16/13      
Draft Shoreline Analysis Report - 11/02/12      
Draft "Punch List" of Potential SMP Changes      
Draft Shoreline Master Program - 01/16/13      
Shoreline Master Program Submittal Checklist - 11/30/12      
AGO Takings Guidance      
Update to Planning Commission - 12/12      
Council Executive Overview - 01/16/13      
Protection of Marine Riparian Functions in Puget Sound (Brennan) - 01/24/13      



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