Low Flush Toilet Rebate

Water is a precious Island resource. Over 40% of indoor residential water use can occur through toilet use. To help conserve water, the Town of Friday Harbor is offering a $75 rebate to its water customers who replace their toilets with 1.6 ultra low-flush toilets (ULFTs).

Program Eligibility

Participants must meet the following requirements:
  • The installation address must have an active water account in good standing with the Town.
  • Owners or agents must apply for the rebate, or give written permission to renters.
  • All customer classes may apply for rebates, except public authorities.
  • New construction or remodels do not qualify.
  • Toilets must be purchased after April 10th, 2000.

How to Get the Rebate

To get the rebate, complete the following steps:
  • Purchase a 1.6 gallon ultra low flush toilet, your choice of brand and model.
  • Install the toilet.
  • Submit the rebate form with:
    (1) Proof of purchase - a receipt for the toilet that includes the date of purchase, brand, model, and number of toilets
    (2) Proof of installation - an invoice from installing plumber (if applicable) 
    Note: Additional documentation may be required to verify the flow rate on the old toilet, installation, and the flow rate on the new toilet.
  • The Town will mail you a $75 check for each 1.6 gallon toilet installed. Urinals are not eligible for the rebate.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I determine the gallons used per flush of my old toilet(s)?
    Flush and secure the float so no new water fills the tank. Fill tank to waterline using a container of known measure (a one gallon milk container works great). Count the number of containers needed = number of gallons your old toilet/s uses per flush.
  • How long will this program last?
    Rebates are offered on a first come, first served basis and will be available as long as allocated funds permit. We hope to receive ongoing appropriations as long as there is sufficient demand.
  • Who can install the new toilet(s)?
    Home and property owners may install the toilet/s themselves, or you may hire any plumber or plumbing contractor to do the job.
  • Who sets the Ultra Low Flush Toilet (ULFT) standards?
    The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is the author of plumbing standards. A team consisting of representatives of manufacturers, test laboratories, government agencies, and the water industry meet frequently to update the standards as necessary. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) tests and lists toilets based on performance according to the ASME standards. In order for a ULFT to be sold in the United States, it must have undergone tests and met these standards. However, not all toilets are equal. Some perform differently depending upon the type of use.
  • Do you have any toilet purchasing tips?
     (1) Measure the distance from the wall behind the existing toilet to the middle of the toilet drain opening in the floor. Having this “rough-in” dimension will ensure that you purchase the correct size toilet.
     (2) If the model you choose uses an early closure flapper, make sure that when the flapper wears out, you replace it with another early closure flapper.
     (3) Make sure that the toilet’s flapper is made of the new materials that are resistant to tablet type bowl cleaners, better yet, don’t use caustic tablets in your toilet.
     (4) Use current (1998 and later) model information to make your decisions. Don’t be misled by older reports of poor performance.
     (5) Talk to your local plumber, contractor, plumbing supplier and neighbors about which newer (1998 and older) models have a good performance record.