A Mayor’s Hope

We are facing a test. Our way of life here is being disrupted in ways that we have not experienced before. Our deeply social and cooperative activities are being challenged by an invisible threat that has given rise to unprecedented government regulations, shortages of some essential goods and personal fears for our own safety. Perhaps the biggest challenge many of us face is the disruption to our incomes and our local economy.

I remember the local social and economic upheavals after September 11, 2001 and the recession that followed, as well as the many years spent recovering from the Great Recession of 2008-13. Add to these the many personal stories of setbacks to health, wealth or housing.

What has given me the greatest hope at this time is how we have handled past challenges. Through the grace of enhanced volunteerism to the financial contributions from our highly philanthropic neighbors and creative service organizations, we have overcome many problems and created a stronger and more caring community.

Deferred Utility Payments

The Town of Friday Harbor has announced that it will be extending the due date of monthly Town Utility Bills for an additional 30 days and has discontinued water shutoff for an indefinite period of time. The modification of billing due dates will extend the default date from 50 days after initial billing to 80 days from initial billing. These changes are prompted by the financial impacts expected from the COVID-19 virus.  Town staff is working on a deferred payment plan application for those customers whose financial status has been jeopardized by COVID-19. 

“The Town of Friday Harbor is committed to the financial health and safety of our community,” said Mayor Farhad Ghatan. “Our hope is that this will provide immediate relief for residential and commercial utility customers impacted by COVID-19.”

In addition to setting up payment plans, the Town encourages customers to seek eligibility for utility relief through the Family Resource Center application process and the Town’s Harbor Life Ring program.