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Call for Bids

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Development Applications & Notices

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LTAC Grant

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Outdoor Burning

View FHMC 13.28.140 for the Town's Outdoor Burning Regulations

Public Access Guidelines

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Public Hearings and Meetings

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AE Services, Small Works & Vendor List(s)

The Town operates water, sewer, stormwater, street, and refuse collection systems.  The Town utilizes MRSC Rosters to locate qualified firms for architectural and engineering services.  Interested consultants should submit their qualifications and performance statements to

The Town of Friday Harbor assumes no obligations of any kind for expenses incurred by any respondent to this invitation.

The Town of Friday Harbor utilizes MRSC Rosters for its Small Works and Vendor Lists. Contractors and vendors may be added to the Small Works Roster and Vendor List by visiting

Whenever the Town seeks to construct any public work or improvement where the estimated cost is $300,000 or less, the Small Works Roster may be utilized.  The Town invites contractors to apply to have their names added to the Small Works Roster. 

Whenever the Town anticipates the purchase of supplies, materials, or equipment that are more than $7,500, but less than $15,000, the Town may use a vendor list in lieu of the formal sealed bidding process.  The Town invites vendors to apply to have their names added to the Vendor List.