Special Parking Permit

What is a Special Parking Permit?

Special Parking Permits are intended to allow service vehicles to reserve parking space adjacent to a temporary work site (FHMC 10.04.110 (A)1).  Failure to obtain a Special Parking Permit may result in issuance of parking tickets if your vehicle is parked beyond the time limit of any given parking area in Town limits.

The business applying for the permit is required to have an active and current Town of Friday Harbor business license.  If you do not have a Town of Friday Harbor business license, please complete a Business License Application and submit it along with the applicable fee.

How much does a Special Parking Permit cost?

Special Parking Permit fees are based on the number of spaces used per day.  The cost is $5 per space per day.  We accept cash or check only.  Please make checks payable to: Town of Friday Harbor.

Where can I find the Special Parking Permit Application?

Please see the link to our Special Parking Permit Application.