Sign & Mural Permits

Regulations pertaining to signs and murals inside Town limits are detailed in Friday Harbor Municipal Code Title 14.


Do I need a sign permit?

Unless the sign(s) you want to display meet the permitting exemptions under FHMC 14.04.100, which shall be verified with the Land Use Administrator, you likely need to apply for a Sign Permit.

How much does a sign permit cost?

The Sign Permit Application fee is $50.00, cash or check only.  Please make checks payable to: Town of Friday Harbor.

What if I want to advertise for an upcoming community event?

Complete and submit the no-fee Community Event Sign Permit Application for  your community event located in Town or the County Fairgrounds.  Please note the list of community event sign requirements on the application.

How long does it take to obtain a sign permit?

Once your application is complete (form is filled in with all pertinent info and signatures, drawings are attached, and fee is paid), processing time is approximately 14 business days.  Please plan accordingly.


What is the mural application process?

All mural applications must be accompanied with the following information:

  • Completed Art Mural Permit Application, signed by property owner.
  • Photos of the proposed location of the mural.
  • Artist’s portfolio of mural work including examples of completed comparable projects.
  • Scaled, color drawings illustrating proposed mural, to include a description of the materials to be used with the location of the materials designated on the drawing.
  • Written explanation of imagery concept(s) to include, but not be limited to: A description of how the mural will enhance the public’s aesthetic experience trough scale, color, material and texture; and a description of how the mural will portray historical, geographical or cultural features of the Town or site and how this relates to existing architecture and landscaping.
  • Description of wall surface and its suitability to receive proposed materials, and the estimated life expectancy for material used.
  • Written maintenance plan including potential issues with mural and its durability.
  • Cash, check or money order for required fee.

How much does a mural permit cost?

The Mural Permit Application fee is $250.00, cash or check only.  Please make checks payable to: Town of Friday Harbor.