Permits & Forms

Improved Process and Fee Payment Sequence for Building Permits:

Effective January 1, 2022, the Town will only require payment of the plan review fee with submittal of a building permit application and plan set. Applicants will be notified of remaining fees and/or charges due via email. All remaining building, plumbing, and mechanical permit fees and utility connection charges must be paid prior to permit issuance.


For a consolidated list of building permit forms, please see the Building Permits option in the menu to the left.

Forms are PDF and in alphabetical order. 

  1. Address Request Application (PDF)
  2. Blasting Permit Application
  3. Boundary Line Adj. / Mod. Application (PDF)
  4. Building Height Instructions (PDF)
  5. Building Permit Application (Simple)
  6. Building Permit Application Packet (PDF)
  7. Change of Use
  8. Community Event Sign Permit (PDF)
  9. Complaint - Parking (PDF)
  10. Comprehensive Plan Change Request (PDF)
  11. Conditional Use Application (PDF)
  12. Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk Construction Application (PDF)
  13. Demolition Permit Application (PDF)
  14. Energy Calculations (Multi-family)
  15. Energy Calculations (Single Family)
  16. Environmental Checklist (SEPA) (PDF)
  17. Event Permit Application (PDF)
  18. Final Short Plat Application
  19. Fire Alarm Fire Sprinkler Permit Application (PDF)
  20. Land Clearing, Grading, or Filling Permit Application (PDF)
  21. License to Use Right-of-Way (Article II, Structures) Application (PDF)
  22. Long Subdivision Application (PDF)
  23. Mechanical Permit Application (PDF)
  24. Moving Permit Application (PDF)
  25. Mural Application (PDF)
  26. Parade Permit Application (PDF)
  27. Planned Residential Development Application (PDF)
  28. Plumbing Permit Application (PDF)
  29. Pre-Development Meeting Packet (PDF)
  30. Private Use of Public Property (PDF)
  31. Recycling Service Application (PDF)
  32. Residential Exempt Accessory Structure (PDF)
  33. Rezone Application (PDF)
  34. Roofing Permit Application (PDF)
  35. Sewer Service Application (PDF)
  36. Shoreline Development Permit Exemption Application (PDF)
  37. Shoreline Permit Application - JARPA (PDF)
  38. Shoreline Permit Revision (PDF)
  39. Short Subdivision Application (PDF)
  40. Sign Permit Application (PDF)
  41. Sign Variance Application (PDF)
  42. Site Plan Review Application (PDF)
  43. Special Parking Permit (PDF)
  44. Stormwater Plan Application (PDF)
  45. Stormwater Service Application (PDF)
  46. Street Closure Application (PDF)
  47. Street Vacation (PDF)
  48. Utility Right-Of-Way Excavation Application (PDF)
  49. Utility Right-Of-Way Work Application (PDF)
  50. Variance Application (PDF)
  51. Water Service Application (PDF)
  52. Water Service Connection Questionnaire (PDF)
  53. Water Sewer System Extension (PDF)
  54. Water Sub-Meter Information (PDF)

2018 WSEC Commercial Compliance is only available as a webtool. Use the following link for WSEC Webtool General Information:

For JARPA information, instructions/guidance, and attachments, visit:

New Community Development & Planning Office Hours:

M-F, 11 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Meetings are scheduled by request.

Submit all applications, associated documents, and plans to: