Refuse Collection Rules


  • All refuse shall be in an approved can.
  • Service address must be on all cans.
  • Refuse cans must be 32 gallons or less.
  • Cans must not weight more than 65 pounds when full.
  • Cans must have a close fitting lid.
  • Lid must be securely in place.
  • Refuse cans must be located curbside on pickup days unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • No "overflowing" cans will be picked up.
  • No loose refuse or debris will be picked up.
  • No construction debris shall be disposed of in refuse cans.
  • Residential cans must be out by 9 a.m. on pickup days.


  • Dumpsters must be accessible for pickup.
  • Dumpster must be located on a concrete pad or an asphalt surface.
  • No construction debris shall be disposed of in a dumpster.
  • No bricks, rocks, concrete blocks, etc. shall be disposed of in a dumpster.
  • Wood or metal pipe must be cut into maximum 2 foot lengths.
  • Dumpster lids must be flat. "Overflowing" dumpsters will charged accordingly.
  • "Overflowing" dumpsters will be picked up at the discretion of the refuse truck driver and customer will be charged accordingly.
  • "On call" dumpsters must contact the Town of Friday Harbor Business Office at 378-2810 to arrange for pickup.
  • If dumpster is enclosed by a fence, a clearance of 2 feet on each side of the dumpster is required.
  • Area around dumpster must be kept clean.