Reduced Utility Rates

2019 Reduced Utility Rate Program Guidelines - Income Eligibility

The following income eligibility rates are based on 150% of the federal poverty guidelines:

1 Person Household    $18,735

2 Person Household    $25,365

3 Person Household    $31,995

4 Person Household    $38,625

5 Person Household    $45,255

6 Person Household    $51,885

7 Person Household    $58,515

8 Person Household    $65,145

For households of 8 persons or more, use the 8-person rate of $65,145 and add $6,630 for each additional person residing in the household.


Combined household income, including that of spouse or co-tenant, from all sources for the preceding calendar year shall be less than the above-specified amount for household size. Income shall include:

  • Capital gains

  • Disability benefits

  • Earned income

  • Interest income

  • Investment income

  • Net rental income from real estate

  • Retirement income

  • Social security benefits

Assets shall not exceed the above-specified amount, exclusive of one vehicle and the residence for which application for utility rate reduction is made.


Download and complete a 2019 Reduced Utility Rate Application (PDF)

Additional Information

For more information contact the Town of Friday Harbor.